Making the Hunter Mill District a Home for Everyone

My name is Parker Messick and I am running for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors in the Hunter Mill District. The Hunter Mill District primarily represents those who live in Reston and Vienna. The Supervisor’s job is, in my eyes, to make sure that the people in the district and the county at large have the best quality of life possible. Having lived here for most of my life, I have seen what great communities Reston and Vienna are.

Throughout my life, I have recognized that many hardworking people needlessly suffer due to failings of the local government. My motivations for running are not part of fulfilling a personal agenda. My motivations for running are to use my position to fulfill the will of the people. As Supervisor, I seek to stop the influence of large-scale development on the community. I plan to work on policies that work for the people. This is the first major race for Supervisor in the Hunter Mill District in 20 years, and you have an opportunity to make your voice heard. I look forward to your support and your vote in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, June 11th, 2019. 


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Stop Big Development

End excessive development in Reston and prevent unnecessary development in Vienna.

End RTC Paid Parking

Provide free access to the Reston Town Center by removing the paid parking.


Ensure our schools retain highly-trained teachers and receive necessary resources.


Shorten commutes by upgrading and expanding our roads.

Affordable Housing

Increase the availability of affordable housing opportunities.

Energy & Environment

Protect our environment and move towards using more clean, renewable energy.